*Sounds of crickets chirping*

Little quiet on the boards the last couple of days. I know how it is, work has been keeping me very busy. The 1-2 day MD2 loader ended up taking a week because of lack of time to work on it. It’s pretty much finished. I need to clean up the code, and document, but it’s in CVS. I also want to make a class that makes assigning start/end keyframes easy.

We need to discuss what the cut off will be for version 0.5.

Me - I want to at least get ASE in. That will give Milkshape/MD2/ASE. If ASE proves quicker, maybe throw in MD3. 3DS may have to wait.

Gregg - What else did you want to get done for the premier of your GUI system? I know you are finishing up the multiple display panels. What else do you think it needs for the first version to be considered finished?

Eric - Do you feel the app package is complete? What did you want to tackle next if so?

Dark Prophet - You got the initial particle system in, did you want to leave it at that, or did you want to get anything else in before hand? I know you are also interested in transitional effects. Did you want to get those into 0.5 or leave them for a later release?

Arman - I know you are out of town, so you might not get this. You got EAX support in. You have started the sound graph implementation and made good progress. Did you have a point where you thought it is ready for release?

I’d like to get 0.5 out the door before the end of the month. Do you guys see this as possible? If not, let me know. Don’t forget to document everything as well.

Ok, next… 0.6. What do you all have planned after 0.5?

Me - Level of detail for all models. Both discrete (switch node switches pre-made models (Billboard up to the full model) based on distance. Continuous, the system collapses triangles for less detail the further away the camera gets. Then I want to start on the Terrain. At least the initial version, I don’t know if I’ll have time to add the terrain pages.

What about you guys?[/i]

Yep, work has been keeping me busy too. I’m suffering mostly from brain drain.

After I finish viewports, hopefully this weekend, I’m going to do a slider and then probably a text field. It’ll probably take a couple of weeks to write them.

I haven’t really thought about what needs to be in the GUI to make it a complete version. But, I don’t think you necessarily need to hold up a release for more widgets. I plan to be rolling out new ones for the next few months.

I’ll try to be in between widgets around the end of the month and whatever’s there will be it.

Will that work for you?


Yeah, that sounds just fine. I figured, since 0.5 will introduce the widget library anyways, anything you get done is just icing on the cake.

Yep, the app package is good to go. All the major main-loop implementations are covered, and everything is fully documented. (Quick note: I’d now suggest subclassing VariableTimestepGame for new tests. update(float) handles everything a timer was needed for before, cleaning up the code a bit.)

For 0.5, I’d like to finish the refactoring of the test package. That includes adding URL methods for ones previosly String-only. I’d also like to get all the demos working with Webstart.

After that, I’m not quite sure. In the interim, however, it’s enough to keep me busy. :slight_smile:

Ok, Eric, sounds good. If you get brave enough you might consider going through all the tests, and cleaning them up. Making the consistent with one another, not calling “LWJGL” directly, etc, etc. They are a bit of a mess, so if you are up to it, that would be great. :slight_smile: Up to you though, I don’t expect you to have to clean up after my laziness.

as for me, i would like to bring out a test for the new particle system showing collisions if possible. I looked through my code today, and found that i am not applying boundingVolumes to them. So il get right on that.

As for the transient effects, i would like to wait for the 0.6 - 0.7 release if possible, because i would like to setup a solid base onto which furthur effects can be applied upon.

Is that ok?

That’s perfectly fine. I could have sworn you were applying bounding volumes to particles. Oh well. Don’t forget to add the particle controller to the particle system itself, as well.