Source code?

Where's the source code for the engine?  When I download the jMe zip file, it only contains .class files and they're all in binary.

Any possibility of including the sources in the next distribution (0.10) also in addition to just the binaries?

Many IDE:s extract javadocs from the source for context sensitive pop-up documentation (e.g. IDEA), and the source is handy also when trying to find out exactly what a method does.

Setting up and downloading a CVS checkout of JME is complex and time consuming and will anyway differ from the version of the released binaries, so it's not a very good solution for people that are not interested in following the bleeding edge of JME development.


– zzorn

The nightly system is available in both compiled and source form:

Probably 0.10 will include a source build. For 0.9 you can download the javadoc seperatly (most IDEs let you specify the location of javadoc files, and intergrate them pretty much the same as having the source).

Modern IDEs like Eclipse make CVS checkouts really easy though. I'd highly recommend it if you plan on working on the "cutting edge" of jME development like most people here do.

another good thing would be to set really clear snapshot labels in the cvs, and write something about how to get them…

There is a tag for 0.9 actually.