Source tar balls

Is there any way to make source tar balls available as well? This would allow me to look at the code without having to check it out via CVS. Or make CVS available via port 80 like sourceforge? – Firewall issues.

Source is controlled by So there isn’t anything I can do regarding the port. I believe they provide nightly builds, so I’ll look into that.

I’d like this to for the same reason.



Same for me.

Firewalls can be anoying sometimes.


Well, I have not gotten any reply on how to set up the nightly tar balls or even if supports it. So, I’ll go ahead and build them myself each morning and update them to a directory I’ll point you to when I’m done. But, since this means it’s not automated, and relying on me, there may be periods of time when it’s not update (I’m away, I forgot, etc). If you notice that the tar ball hasn’t been updated in awhile, just get on me about it and I’ll update it.

Sorry this is such a pain.

Just a suggestion, but daily manual tars is not really a fair task to force on you, especially with your modem connection… :wink: Might I suggest a less than daily schedule?

Maybe a source of the build you’re curently distributing for people, right along with the build itself. I know it’s old, but it makes sense for people to have both a working build and the source it comes with. I think (??) mostly people just want the source to get a feel for how jME works, so the most current release isn’t too necessary and making daily builds would be hell.