Source Zip


Is it possible to get a source zip / jar somewhere for the jme releases?

Probably in the download list would be logical

It would be a convenience thing as I realise that this is possible via CVS / SVN, it’s just a bit fiddly for newcomers to work out which tag corresponds to the 1.0 release.

The requirement is so that I (and others) can reference it from my IDE to get more useful feedback about parameters of functions etc… It doesn’t need to include libs and test sources, just the ‘API’ classes.

a simple jar of all the .java files under /cvs/jme/src/com/ should suffice.



Sorry for resurrecting an oldish post but is the source available in a ZIP file? Our corporate firewall won't let me download it via CVS and I want to look at the source for the tests.


You can browse the CVS and SVN online:

jME 1 CVS browser

jME 2 SVN browser

Do not know about zips…

I used to generate and host the nightly build. When the website was revamped, some powers must have decided that a nightly build was no longer required and without warning the url link on the website was removed. I didnt receive a PM or anything from the powers so I cannot give you a reason why …

Yes, precompiled Jars are something that is very important to get people to use the engine. It is very convienient to be able to quickly download and try the engine.