Space ship physics help

I am trying to create a space ship with physics. But not sure where to start at. But got to have zero gravity by moving in space just almost the the cam type. But with collision bounce off another object. I don't know any good example of simple build for it.

use getPhysicsSpace().setGravity(Vector3f.ZERO); for zero gravity

what type of  physics class should I use?

PhysicsNodes I guess

okay, how to get the direction control working. That I am not sure which direction to get the object moving forward in the right direction when building the target object to fire at.  I seen code but I don't find in accelerate() function of PhysicsNode class. Since the spaceship vehicle has not wheel but thruster.

You will have to add forces to the physicsbody. Remember most games dont have realistic physics, for example most space games will have a max speed for the ships.

Well I trying find good collision to test if need physic or not. But it depend on the size of the ships. How I set the direction speed of the ship?

setspeed =  [current direction(x,y,z)] + [current speed (speed) ]

spaceship.applyCentralForce( new Vector3f(setspeed ));

This just an example. I don't know how to code it.

Yeah, something like this. This call would just "bump" the ship once, you might want to try applyContinuousForce() but as said that will accelerate your ship further and further.