Spacegraph 3d gui

hi! i developed a prototype of a 3d gui using jme2 several years ago and am interested in updating it to jme3 among other improvements

in case it’s not clear, the original plan was to develop not merely a game menu GUI but a general purpose operating system (at the level of desktop window management), in which applications could be disintegrated into a space of interacting homoiconic widgets that more directly reflected the actual outcome a user desired rather than being mediated through the application of an “app”. i still feel that jmonkeyengine was, and still is probably the best framework in which to implement this – providing access to the vast ecosystem of available JVM libraries and programming languages.

i imagined how this can be packaged with a bootable OS distribution like linux or jnode (a java-based OS) to provide a power of functionality equivalent to and possibly beyond conventional GUI frameworks. compositing window managers like compiz do not quite go this far by merely managing the display of program windows. maybe gets closer to what i’m describing. please suggest anything similar


fractal geometry and zooming controls add new dimensions to window management that, to my knowledge, still remains relatively unexplored. advances in virtual reality, augmented reality, semantic web, AI, and p2p can help to transcend the HTTP / HTML / CSS ubiquity in which users subconsciously abdicate some or all of the available freedom of browsing experience to self-appointed aesthetic tyrants (web and app designers). “userscripts”, in theory, can help – but how can the web browser paradigm outgrow w3c’s “recommended” asymmetrical HTTP client / server protocols that imbue servers with excessive authority that commercial IT believes is necessary for profitability. meanwhile, agent frameworks have existed since as far back as the mid 1990s in which peers could interact symmetrically using ontological negotation. see: ht_tps://

“decentralized AI” h_ttps:// stands in direct contradiction to the global investment in “big data” and “cloud computing” enterprises whose profitability is ultimately bounded by the degree to which they can convince users to disempower themselves.


the original prototype source code is here

  • h_ttps://
  • http_s://

(yes these repos are a bit messy but it can all be cleaned up while upgrading to a new project setup, ex: mvn/gradle, with jme3 replacing jme2/ardor3d and other dependencies)

thank you JME - amazed how much was possible and now even more is

as a registered user of the old JME forums please tolerate the additional links in the post i had to obfuscate in order to post this


Thanks, it is pretty cool.
Did not know there is a Java OS out there ! :grinning: i wonder if jnode could run JME without too much trouble.