Spaceship/fight simulator with Android device as a game controller


I just want to share some screenshots of a game that I have been developing for a class project.

It is a kind of spaceship simulator. You control a spaceship and shoot.

The interesting part is that I wrote a small application for Android 1.5+ that creates a simple GUI that has buttons to increase/decrease speed, shoot, and reset the game. This application sends this data plus three angles from the accelerometer and compass to the JME3 application using a simple JSON-based protocol.

An Android devices has some advantages comparing to, for example, a Wiimote. The interface on the game controller can be interactive. You can push back some data from the JME3 to the screen of the Android device (like current health/speed level, e.t.c). Wiimote can only vibrate and blink LEDs.

Iā€™m using the latest JME3 and a custom terrain shader.



Ooooh very cool. Video in next update? :wink:

Yay, top work man! From the looks I guess you added lighting to your custom terrain? Would you mind sharing the shader code to give @Sploreg a kickstart for this?

Amazing! I am very excited for this project. A video would be awesome

The shader is 90 percent a copy of Lighted.{frag/vert/j3md}

The zip archive of LightedTerrain files can be found here:

There are additional parameters for the shader:

m_DiffuseMap_{1,2,3} and m_DiffuseMap_{1,2,3}_scale

Everything else is the same as in LightedTerrain.

If somebody has any questions, feel free to ask!

I don`t have a video yet, but I might have it next week!