Spaceship rotation problem

Hello  :D.

I'm having a bit of a mind block over this problem I'm having.

[see attached image]

If the ship in the image were attached to a pivot node which were attached to the world node then I could get the localRotation which would give me the position of the ship (which has a local translation of {0,shipHeight,0}) … but it isn't … [well … it is at some point, but, okay this is confusing enough as it is] … so how can I work out what that localRotation WOULD BE if the ship node WERE attached as described …

I'm pretty sure I'm not making any sense: anybody?  :?

Well welcome in the club :

If i find something out I will let you know, hope you do the same.

I'm not sure if this applies to your situation but I managed to fix my problem: all I had to do was take the cross product of the vector between my world and my ship and the vector between my world and my ship (after it is attached to the world node) - and then rotated by angleBetween(shipPosOne,shipPosTwo) on the axis defined by that cross product.  :-o