Spam messages


I just received a spam message from a ‘member’.

Any idea how/where I can report this?


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same, i wanted to play along with it, but id rather not waste my time :stuck_out_tongue: no idea where to report it, maybe PM a core member

Just let me know the spammer’s exact username and I will block the account.

Thanks for reporting.

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ok the name was: normen

xD …but I think I already flagged that guy, I got a PM too…

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The name was davisnaomi.

But it seems that it was already removed.


look he also spams forums, and has a developer tag LOL, quick ban him before he scams everyone

Haha @wezrule! :smiley:

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@InShadow this is no laughing matter, but don’t worry I can protect you and your savings. For your own protection, I suggest you:

1 - Send me your bank details so that I can protect you bank account

2 - Address for verification

3 - Mothers maiden name

act fast, before its too late!

Its too late, all your base are belong to ME muhahahaaaa

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nooooo @InShadow noooooo, don’t say i didn’t try to help you :frowning:

I’m suddenly reminded of a Mitchell and Webb sketch where they played two old men with several luxury yachts to give away. They randomly called people and couldn’t understand why no one wanted them. :slight_smile:

Couldn’t resist:


hah yeh thats great xD, u like British comedy eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like lots of comedy… but yeah, some things are funnier with a British accent. :slight_smile: Thanks to Netflix I don’t have to be too choosy anyway.

yeh your right our accent is better

No actually ours is ze best!

haha it’s reallly “Spam” topic xd nice work! :smiley:

oxplay2, stop spam plz this is serious thread

I recieved another spam message from “soukayna”. Something about an email address and love etc…

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