Spatial class bug? (SOLVED)

I found something weird on the spatial control array behavior.
After shot some bullets, and this bullets reach the target, it emits some particles, I am creating this particles this way (customized control of particleemiter) :

new ParticleSparks(collisionpos, 1000, rootNode, assetManager);

And releasing it that way :


But when that happen, if the control array has more then one bullet, the second one get the control from the particles instead of the bullet :

public <T extends Control> T getControl(Class<T> controlType) {
    for (Control c : controls.getArray()) {
        if (controlType.isAssignableFrom(c.getClass())) {
            return (T) c;
    return null;

Is this an know bug or know error ?
I dont have one dedicated test case, just a particle test case I was reusing from old code, if someone wants to look at I can try to make one or post it here.

Never-mind, it was a bug in my code.