I need the coordinates any Spatial consists of.

Is there a method to deal that?

You may have to elaborate.

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There’s spatial.getLocalTranslation() and spatial.getWorldTranslation(), but as Paul mentions, you’ll have to elaborate.

Read the quick help and the tutorials.

Mhhh, I dont need the location of a Spatial.

A Spatial consists of vertices which openGL renders.

I need those vertices, because I want to create a 2D-DebugView of my scene

and thats why I need all vertices/coordinates to draw the Spatials in 2D out of lines.

@androlo said:
Read the quick help and the tutorials.

OK then,

how can I convert a Spatial into a Mesh or an Array/ArrayList of Meshes?

Probably do the tutorials.

RTFM… seriously

Please post a link to the right tutorial, because I cant find it.

Start with the first tutorial. Then do the second tutorial… keep going until you get to the one about custom meshes. Don’t skip ahead or you will be back with 10 other questions and we’ll just point you back to the tutorials.

Well, I read those tutorials but couldnt find any solution for my problem. I only want to get all the vertices of a Spatial and I thought that converting it into Meshes is a beginning, because you can get the vertices of a Mesh. So here is my question once more:

How can I get all the vertices of a Spatial?

Ok, I’m already predicting the next questions, but here goes:

I don’t get why you don’t just take a orthogonal 2d render of the vertices for that debug view using a preView and a mesh material override? Anyway I still think your preconceptions are working more against you than you think and by “doing the tutorials” nobody here meant “searching for an answer to your exact question”, you have to actually do them, its between the lines so to speak :slight_smile:

You can’t spatials don’t have vertices.

Geometries on the other hand, they contain meshes…and meshes contain vertices.

In fairness that’s only 95% in the tutorials. The other 5% is in the javadoc…