Spatials and Picking


i've encountered a problem on my jme3 journey with the picking of spatials. I'm using the HelloPicking code from JME3Test/Helloworld and it all works fine. I'm "shooting" at geometrys and i get the front and the back contact point.

But when i'm shooting at a spatial like the ninja that is in the code than i get only the front contact point. Yes, i can shoot from the behind and get the back contact point but that can't be the solution. Any ideas why the ray doesn't collision with the back of the spatial?

I've tried it with an own model but encounter the same problem.

BTW: Is there a method to calculate the volume of a spatial?

New try.

I’m using the Example.

I’m shooting at the dragon(Geometry).


It hits the dragon at the front and it exits it at the back. 2 Hits. That’s how it should be.

Now i’m shooting a little bit downwards. There should be still 2 hits because it is a closed geometry, a box.


But what i’m getting is only one hit.

So i have some questions. Is this intentionally handled so by the engine? Is this a bug? Is the HelloPicking example wrong? Am i doing something wrong besides simply using the ready-to-go HelloPicking example?

Thank you ShadowIsLord for fixing it. Now it works better.