SpatialTransformer repeatType

Is the setRepeatType() method of SpatialTransfomer implemented correctly ?

I want to animate a node to a position, and have it stop there, so I’ve used this:

transformer.setRepeatType( Controller.RT_CLAMP );

to ensure it stays put. However, the animation loops repeatedly.

Also, I want to be able to arbitrarily animate a node to any number of positions - whats the best strategy to take with this ? Instantiate a new SpatialController each time I have a new destination ?

It perhaps would be nice to have a SpatialController.clear() method to remove existing keys, and therefore avoid having to create a new object.

I don’t believe repeat types are yet implimented for SpatialTransformer. The basic purpose of SpatialTransformer is to simulate the loading of animated 3ds files. Although repeat types should go into SpatialTransformer as soon as posible, I’ld like to keep it as basic to 3ds files as posible. For something like you’re describing, a more complete Controller class would be best. Maybe something someone could contribute to jME?