Spawn in rotation

Hi can any one help me with a formula or other way to make a spawn in rotation ?
Lets say i want to position 10 geometries in circle , how could i do it? What i need is to give a circular formation to soldiers ,and make a circular city , with houses all around a center building , but i cant finde a right way.
And a city might grow , soo circle will be larger and larger ,soo i just cant give a static coordinates, but need for some formula or similar

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What do you want to start with and what do you want to end with?

Seems like really beginner trigonometry to me so there must be something I’m missing.

        float ringRadius = 5f;
        int numBuildings = 10;
        for (int buildingI = 0; buildingI < numBuildings; buildingI++) {
            Node cgModel = (Node) assetManager.loadModel(assetPath);

            float theta = buildingI * FastMath.TWO_PI / numBuildings;
            float x = ringRadius * FastMath.sin(theta);
            float z = ringRadius * FastMath.cos(theta);
            cgModel.move(x, 0f, z);
            cgModel.rotate(0f, theta, 0f);