Spawning enemies

I need some advices here.
In my game, after hitting(rays), incoming enemy tank, we have flash, flame and smoke effect, and enemy tank stop. After that or some time, next enemy tank appears (swarms, like in classic NES game - Tanks).

How in quickest and most efficient way get it working? I have no idea how to implement this, and I’m running out of time…

I think about cloning, but how address cloned tanks after being hit?

I used boolean states, but it’s good when we have 2 enemies, but what if there are 20-30…

Rest of the game components are working correct (shooting, point counting, effects, physics, graphics, hud etc).

Just load the tank asset again. They get cached in the asset manager, and you always get a copy of it. Keep a list of the alive tanks, and when they die move them to a “dead” list of tanks.

Is there any way to clone spatials or loading them wih index? B’cos when i clone them they “drive out” from newest clone of tank rather then spawn in preset location…

I can post code here if you want.