Special jMonkeyEngine offer for transitioning Torque Engine developers

I just ran into the unfortunate piece of news that the backers of the professional Torque Game Engine, InstantAction, are shutting down.

It didn’t take long for the competitors to seize some new customers with generous discounts:




I suppose it’s only right that we make our own (rather unofficial) transitioning offer:

In light of recent events, we have decided to give away jMonkeyEngine free of charge, forever, to anyone who decides to download and use the engine today, in the future, and even future time travelers wormholing their way back to the past.

This one-time yet always perpetually permanent offer is targeted mainly at Torque developers. But, in the spirit of giving we have decided that this campaign be non-exclusive and available to every sentient creature in the galaxy (we are undergoing discussions with the Andromeda Galaxy to agree on an inter-galaxy compatible license).

As a pro-bono jMonkeyEngine customer, you will receive:

  • Cutting edge technology, easily deployable across a wide assortment of platforms.

  • Extensive and frequently updated documentation from alpha stage and onwards.

  • Prompt support provided by the very people who develops the product you'll be troubleshooting.

We only ask that you treat such a generous offer with the utmost respect, and do your due diligence to keep distracting forum inquiries down to a minimum by working independently, carefully read documentation about jME and Java and most important of all; always be on the lookout for open issues manageable by your skillset, be it code, docs or support.


Okay, now on a more serious note (in case you're not a strong English speaker, all of the above is true, but it's meant to be ironic):
InstantAction shutting down is truly sad. They were pioneers of affordable yet professional game development technology for serious independent developers. I believe if they came to know their way around open source business models they could do great things with the code and community they've nurtured for so many years. Yet, I figure that is a very unlikely outcome.

And this is why we’re fortunate to have Erlend leading the ship! It’s not often an offer like this comes along :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like they pulled through:


Good for them! Offer still stands though.

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wow Erlend this is an incredible offer all you would have to do now is include free empty text files in the offer :slight_smile: