Specular maps in Collada


first of all I'm using the ColladaImporter quite successfully so far. The models I import are modelled in 3ds Max and then exported via ColladaMax. Animations work, diffuse mapping works.  :slight_smile:

But: as I see in ColladaImporter.java in the processPhong() method, any specular map is discarded. Is it possible to integrate some kind of plugin system (like the extra plugin manager) to gain access to specular mapping information? I can see in the debugger that the texture is being parsed correctly, but I can't reach any information about it from outside ColladaImporter. Or perhaps a simple public method to aquire all materials/textures that were read would help!

I'd like to get a URL or just the name of the texture, so that I can load it for a GLSL lighting shader.



can you send me an e-mail? I'm working on similar items currently. mpowell AT ncsoft DOT com

Sure, great. I'll contact you tomorrow!  :slight_smile:

sry to bring this old post up again. but i wanna know if this problem has been fixed.