Speedhack – A simple sidescroller


A few days ago, after having spent some time reading the jME documentation and making small test applications I decided to do a speedhack game. All in all I think I spent maybe eight hours total? Something like that.

Once one gets over the lack of structured quality documentation, the jMP is a complete delight to work with. I now feel I have enough knowledge about jME3 to be able to start my real project. Thank you very much jMP dev’s!


Music by Mistaiel

SFX from freesound.org

Edit: I forgot to mention that this game test is intended for the Android platform (but obviously runs quite well on any java/OGL enabled device).


very nice! and a good start :slight_smile:

Neat. It would be a great help if you could also try make an Android build :wink:

If you have some specific recommendations for the documentation we would love to hear it. Are you referring to the contents, or more so the structure of the pages, e.g. hierarchy, linkage etc. ?

@wezrule: Thank you. (^_^)/

@erlend_sh: G-Type (working title) runs (without audio) on Android 2.2. I tested yesterday on Samsung Galaxy S2 (800x480 fullscreen) and on the HTC Incredible S. As long as I do not attempt to replay or call any kind of audio related routines jME3 performs flawlessly @60fps. However, as soon as I attempt any kind of audio playback in the Android port the application crashes in a [Unsupported audio] error (regardless if I use wav or ogg format). I hope to find a solution to this problem as soon as possible. Once it is solved the game will be fully playable on all Android devices which have the required RAM to support it.

@erlend_sh: I will make a separate post in regards to the jME documentation.

Thanks man! If you’ve got something specific to report with regards to Android then you should make a separate post for that as well. @Larynx is doing a great job staying on top of new posts in the Android board.