Speghetti Abstraction

Now that you guys have had a chance to really play with Speghetti, do you think it’d be possible to write an abstract API independant layer on top of it. So that the jME user could create a jME GUI component and if they are using LWJGL to render it will use Speghetti to render the component. Any ideas on how to handle this?

Speghetti looks great, but from what I’ve seen it’s tied directly to LWJGL. This goes against the new version of jME.

can’t speak from jme experience yet, because i have none, but yeah, spag is very lwjgl specific - right now. i saw a post from cas about his new spag stuff about a month ago stating that it would have plugable rendering objects so that lwjgl, jogl or some other library could be used to do the interface render… his last post yesterday or today mentioned that he might post something this weekend… so i would wait to see what it looks like before spending a lot of time with the current spag codebase.

just my 2 cents

ok, so i read through your tutorials to get a better understanding of jme.

i think it would be pretty straightforward to make spag generic. spag is pretty simple right now… all it does is draws lines, quads, textures, etc to do thinks checkboxes and buttons – delegate that work to the jme primitive geometry objects and it would probably just start working.

i would still wait until cas releases his revamped spag code (hopefully that will be soon). he says everything is much better in the new stuff… i would hate to spend a lot of time and not be forward compatible :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I’ll hold off for awhile then. See what he is doing. I hope to be able to use Speghetti directly, but fear it may require a “port”.

"mojomonk" wrote:
Ok, I'll hold off for awhile then. See what he is doing. I hope to be able to use Speghetti directly, but fear it may require a "port".

i think you are right about the port no matter what he does to the code - if he takes too long, might as well just go for it :D

I think it would be good if we waited, princec according to his latest post is to recode all his widgets & hopefully get some done by the weekend as naj said. It may not take long to complete if he is doing it for a specific reason with a new game/updated game in mind.

We’ll definately wait, I’m in no rush to add the GUI stuff yet, and if you guys are having good luck with Spaghetti directly, it should be a good short term solution.

However, I’m not so sure even after his redesign that I’m going to directly integrate Spaghetti into jME. I know how Cas writes code, and he has a very different design style than I do. But, I’m more than willing to wait and see what he comes up with. If it does not look as if it will smoothly integrate, I’ll want to write a new one.

My biggest concern is seperation of GUI data structures and rendering. A second concern is his tendency to use static. So if you guys have any ideas on how to make his work with mine, I’d love to get any ideas.

after looking more closely at the spag code, i dont think it would be too big a deal to rewrite it (and do it more generically with your renderers or geometry leaf nodes or whatever you do - i still need to read up on jme :// ) – it would be a good reference point though. anyway it wouldnt hurt to wait to see what cas comes up with, unless someone is really iching to write gui code :smiley:

Ok, that was my feeling too after looking over a little bit of the current version.

I also don’t think it’s really that big of a deal. It wouldn’t be much different than how I have the scenegraph set up now. In fact, GUIs work real well in scenegraphs as the mouse clicks can travel down the graph to find out which component was actually selected.

Anyways, I’m in no hurry, so what ever comes… comes.

yeah, i was thinking scenegraph too