Sphere doesnt stop moving


I'm currently playing around with jME3 and i got a small problem.

I played around with the TestSimplePhysics-Class and it works fine. But now i tried to apply a impulse on a Sphere when i press a mousebutton. This works good but the Sphere doesn't stop moving anymore. (or at least it slows down reaaally slow)

It seems like the Ground doesn't slow down the Sphere. I apply the impulse like this:

sphere.applyImpulse(testVector, Vector3f.ZERO);

The rest of the Code is pretty much the same as in TestSimplePhysics. I only added the actionlistener for the mousebutton.

I alreaddy tried to change the Friction of the Sphere, but it didn't really change anything.

What am I missing?

Have you tried the setFriction method on the node?

I've tried changing the Friction of the PhysicsNode of the Sphere and of the Ground, but it didn't really change anything.

ApplyImpulse methode just wrap the ApplyImpulse method of Bullet RigidBody.

you can look here for more information