(Sphere + LightState + MaterialSate handmaded) VS Collada basic Phong import

Hi to all jME community,

1000 and not 1000 questions about collada, but another problem come to me:

If i made a "model = new Sphere()", apply to it model.setRenderStatee(MaterialState) and configure params of Material and light, all works fine except for texture…

Texture lost material reflection and become flat.

The second problem is iporting a collada exported without texture but with a phong basic material.

the sphere loaded by collada importer are flat and lost all his reflection parameter.

Whats wrong?

Can you provide a simple bit of sample code please?

Oh sure! ^^ my fault…

   protected void simpleInitGame()

The method  model = openModel(); open the model instead of sphere.

into the method you can uncomment material to try to apply it by hand.

the goal is load material by collada phong definition or setup new material on the fly from a method or a material definition class.