Hi all,

If i was to set isLooping(false), the source keeps on looping anyway, take the TestSoundGraph for example, if you were to add:

footsteps.getSource().isLooping(false); it would loop anyway.


SphericalSound.getSource().isPlaying() is also not functioning properly.

Any ideas?

Ive checked the source code for com.jme.sound.lwjgl.Source, and it looks fine, not sure whats going on.


Already logged in the Issue Tracker.

This has been fixed… (needed it to work in my own game! :))

LOL, thx renanse, i have 0 experience with OpenAL, so I had no idea what those commands were!

Thx :slight_smile:


Don’t forget to update the issue tracker.

The only bug related to sound in the list was:

SphericalSound.getSource().isPlaying() is always false

which wasn’t the issue here…?

is isPlaying working correctly now then?

It appears to be… It is referenced in code (both in jme and my own) that is working correctly.