Spidermonkey Separate from JME?

I recently only downloaded the networking from JME SVN. I wanted to just run spidermonkey without all of the JME references. I was going to run some unit tests and play around with the updated code. Is there a way to set this up without getting errors for missing packages? Also I know the main point of spidermonkey is to work with JME but it may be wise into putting another layer of abstraction so the Spider monkey core can work Independent of JME code, then the layer on top of that handles JME specifics.

If you are already doing something like that and I am missing it, I’m sorry. Don’t chew me up too hard :wink:


The package quoted is deprecated and will eventually be removed. The com.jme3.network.connection stuff is some of the old SpiderMonkey code that we’ve left in to help users migrate. I’m 99% sure that none of the new stuff references jME code outside of the network package.

…if you find something, let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

I noticed that the serializers stuff is ‘red’ also… I’ll take a look in there and see what it uses as that was a part we left intact for that time being.

I looked… I can probably get it to run without the rest of JME pretty easily but it would still need Vector3f and Savable to build. It really doesn’t seem worth the effort to decouple those but I will keep it in mind if I ever get around to rewriting Serializer.

Just throwing out some ideas here.

Is there any plan to provide custom server classes for JME. Like for example a FPSServer or MMOServer. I know from experience making these will differ for everyones games but realistically users probably should be wrapping the spidermonkey reference in a class like this. If this is the case, the portions that are coupled with JME you can move over to these types of classes.

Thanks for the responses. More than likely I will be heavily testing the rewrite, and I will keep you posted with whatever I find. If need be I may even be able to contribute.