Spliting 3D model

I downloaded model from some site and loaded it into my game, but seems like it contains multiple objects standing on each other.
It looks like that:
I have found this in scene composer:
So i think i need to split this model some how.

Do you mean it has a lot of objects overlapping? If so, just open your model in blender, press w, choose remove doubles and save

By the way, to show light based materials on the sceneComposer, you need to click on that light bulb near the eye.

Yes you do and you have some options:

  1. Open Blender and use it to separate the models either in separate .blend files or export to ogre meshes.
  2. Use the scene composer to delete the other models you don’t want manually and rename the .j3o file to the model you want (avoiding overwrite).
  3. do it by code, detaching the children from the loaded spatial.