SpotLight problems + rear view mirror

Hi all,
Disclaimer: I’m going to point what I think are bugs/not implemented… not a claim that I aren’t the culprit or anything. Just big problems I’m facing that I did investigate and would like some opinions/suggestions/or see my assumptions corrected.


  • LightControl doesn’t currently support them, at least not correctly?
  • can’t light big “triangles”, at least the non-extremities part

Made a SpotLightControl to control my spotLights (still have a lil bug there)
A’m I forced to slice my “big triangles” to adapt to that size limitation?

While I’m at it:
Rear mirror:
Currently using a cam looking backwards and works fine… apart from the fact it’s ofc not a mirror :D. Yes it surprised me lol.
So I found 2 suggestions and kinda favoring the "do as in " SimpleWaterProcessor… which is kinda cryptic to me due to some holes in my knowledge.

Thinking it may be nice to have support for spots control and mirroring. Is it coming or I have to put the kettle on and fry some of my last neurons?

Afaik the spotlight works with vertex lighting so you’d need more vertices on the surface you light. Might be you can also switch to fragment lighting though, idk exactly.

The extra camera would be a pretty normal way of doing this. The SimpleWaterProcessor does it in the same way. The PostWater filter in turn does the mirroring on the GPU side.

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Thx for your reply :).

I’ll investigate that PostWater filter, thx.

I resolved my SpotLight troubles:

  • made a SpotLightControl that deals with syncing the SpotLights position (taking a provided offset into account) and direction
  • the problem linked to big triangles seem to fade when I use a bigger spotRange than the length of those triangles

If someone needs, I can post the control.