Spotlight: simple question

Is the angle of the spotLight measured in degrees or what?

What's the meaning of the exponents?

Thank you very much.  :slight_smile:

I've updated the javadoc for angle and exponent to better explain.  Here are the relevant sections:

     * <code>setAngle</code> sets the angle of focus of the spot light
     * measured from the direction vector. Think of this as the angle of a cone.
     * Therefore, if you specify 10 degrees, you will get a 20 degree cone (10
     * degrees off either side of the direction vector.) 180 degrees means
     * radiate in all directions.
     * @param angle
     *            the angle (in degrees)

     * <code>setExponent</code> sets the spot exponent of this light. This
     * value represents how focused the light beam is.
     * @param exponent
     *            the spot exponent of this light. Should be between 0-128

Thank you renanse:

very clear and very useful! :slight_smile: