Squeaking and popping when running tutorials or tests

Hi I'm pretty new at this.

Firstly I want to say that I'm impressed with the ease of use for producing some some awesome graphics with this engine. Compliments to all the people who are working on this.

Ok down to the problem, I downloaded the source for jME2 and I was doing some testing of my own. I noticed that when I run a test or any jME2 test, there's a very audible squeak and some pops coming from my keyboard, especially when I press buttons. I'm not sure if it's my computer, or if I configured something wrong.

Help please?

I am pretty sure you should only hear sound when running the sound tests… hmm…

Anyways what are you running jME on? Does it happen to be Ubuntu? as there have been some reports about sound problems on Ubuntu 7 in the past. Also I guess the regular advice is to make sure your drivers are installed and up-to-date…

Besides that, lets wait and see if anyone else has heard of something like this…

Is there any smoke coming from your GPU?  }:-@

I was re-reading my post and I realized I'm stupid for not reading my post before I click post.

The squeaks are coming from my speakers, not my keyboard. It's like a constant high pitched sound. When I press keys, there are some pops and gurgles, and the tone of the squeak changes a little.

I think I'm gonna try looking for driver updates.


I'm using Windows XP SP2, compiling with Eclipse ganymede, JRE 6 update 10.


Yes, but that's because my machine is smokin' awesome :wink:

I get that with most applications, not just jME… but I have an old system and old speakers. Anyways I do not think this is jME related.

One reason I have been given is that the speakers should be properly grounded.

I would like to hear other solutions though, as I have popped into this issue in the past myself.

Updated drivers don't seem to do much. :confused: I tried playing some music in the background while running it, and it just makes the squeaks louder. It's kinda musical when you press keys actually. It's a little amusing, too bad it's a high pitched squeak cause if it were less annoying, I wouldn't really mind.

Has anyone else gotten this or similar?


Seems that way. I hope it's just my computer. I want to use this engine for some hobbies. When I get a chance tomorrow I'll try it on my other computer. Strange though, this is a pretty new computer – it's the only one that'll let me run several instances of Visual studio and Eclipse as well as millions of other things all at once. I love this machine… It's good for gaming too.

Is it kind of sound your computer built in speaker generates, on start up for example? If so, I believe you can simply turn it off from bios.

However I have no idea why you keep hearing those sounds while using jme lol

Fortunately no, it doesn't sound like that. I'm using a laptop and it doesn't have built in speakers.

Oh well, we'll have to see. It's probably just this machine since no one else seems to be getting it.

Man this is my first post, and I'm already loving this community. :smiley: You guys are awesome! I didn't think I'd get responses so quickly. If I stick with this engine (which I probably will) you people will likely see me a whole lot more.  :smiley:


No more popping and squeaking! Honestly I have no idea what fixed it, but i don't here anything anymore. Awesome! Time to make a jME dao :smiley:

Thanks everyone who helped. Awesome community!