SSAO Trouble

I tried searching for another topic on the forums to see if there was anybody else having the same problem as me, but the closest I got to it was toneg0d’s thread on her SSAO filter.
So I am having trouble with performance and SSAO. With out the filter it runs at about 100 FPS no problem, however with it enabled, it slows the game down to around 40-50 FPS, and that’s really not that good performance. Obviously it’s a very resource intensive shader with all the sampling it has to do, but shouldn’t I be getting a little better performance than that?

I’ve heard you can bake the AO into the lightmap, however I think that is only in blender or 3D modeling programs and I’m generating my environment dynamically and the terrain can change.

Here are the parameters for the filter if you’re interested:
ssaoFilter = new SSAOFilter(0.35f, 5.5f, 5.5f, 0.02f);

Thanks for any suggestions

SSAO is slow.
Maybe try to use tonegod’s filter, she improved the performance.
The problem with baked ao is that it’s static, and no moving objects will cast or receive AO.

I saw her thread but I never actually saw a download altough I searched. She said that she would post it as a plugin soon but so far I haven’t seen it.

Aha, I found this after a little while:

I’m not sure if this is what you’re talking about though.