Stability Issues with SDK & Saving

I recently encountered the following issue(s):

Both the lack of saving issue and the dialog issue occur intermittently. In fact, the dialog issue occurred for the first time when I was recording the video (telling it to save, when the dialog works properly, seems to have no effect on whether or not the saving actually happens).

which version of the sdk are you using ?


it’s very strange, i don’t have the issue (in alpha5).

questions about the move tool issue :
What are you trying to do ?
How did you select the node ?
What type of node is selected ? (linked j3o ? i am not sure)

What are you trying to do?:
Whenever I do anything in the scenecomposer, no matter what it is as long as it makes a change to the scene in some manner, there is a chanc that saving won’t actually save.

How did you select the node?:
I clicked the “selection” tool and then clicked on the node.

What type of node is selected?
A linked j3o is selected.

The issue is caused by the selection tool and i have the same issue.
I recently changed how selections are done in the scene explorer so it might be related.

As workaround solution you can select the node in the scene explorer (the scene tree in the right).

Thanks for the information, but, when will this be fixed and is there some way to ensure that I can still save my information if I accidentally use the select tool?

the selection of linked node is fix in scenecomposer : now the select tool take care of linkedNode, also pre… · jMonkeyEngine/sdk@39682eb · GitHub

However it seem that linking to a not rootNode (or an empty node) don’t update the sceneExplorer.