StandardGame +JMEDesktopState +Mac not working

Pants.  Yes, schoolboy error.  setFocusOwner is the origin of my Mac + JMEDesktopState problems, however.  Making setFocusOwner do nothing certainly helps click buttons, dialog box moving, etc.  By no means perfect, but it might hold clues.

Tiger 10.4.11, with latest Java 1.5 (december update release 6), give almost same problems. Though I think it have to do with jME or LWJGL (something to do for better support I think) because in my case TestJMEDesktop and TestJMEDesktopState crash both. I only see the blank window of the second one, when I click it crashes.

But on the other hand I am able to run hevee's "yet another orpg project" even if poor FPS and no keyboard response. This is something really strange.