StandardGame locks up in WebStart

I've worked through several of the examples, making my own webstarts as practice and everything works fine.

I've started a new StandardGame that I'm trying to deploy through WebStart, but it locks up at the call to DisplaySystem.getDisplaySystem in StandardGame at line 225

I'm using the latest CVS 8/28/07, and lwjgl 1.1.2.

The application runs fine locally from a simple java call, but if run in WebStart it displays the Game Settings panel, and then disappears when I click 'Ok'.  I then see idle javaw processes that never close and must be killed.

Has anyone gotten Standard Game to work through WebStart?

Yes, I have quite a few times…are you displaying the console to see if there's an exception being thrown?


NoClassDefFoundError: com/jmex/awt/lwjgl/LWJGLCanvas

I was missing the awt jar.  I had a try catch in my main class, but I forgot that exceptions in another thread would not be passed up to the calling thread.  Now I know to leave that console on.


Indeed. :slight_smile:

…and don't blame poor StandardGame every time something breaks in your code.  :wink:

A little touchy there… :wink:

Of course I am…StandardGame has been blamed for a lot of things that aren't its fault…I'm just afraid the poor little guy is getting a bad rep around here…someone has to stick up for him.  :stuck_out_tongue:

…and of course I'm defensive of code I write.