StandardGame not displaying objects correctly

I'm using StandardGame but when I add an object (e.g. a Box) to a GameState it isn't rendered correctly! You can see the front and back of each polygon, it looks like there's no back face culling.

I tried setting the renderers CullState to CM_BACK and to CM_FRONT but it didn't work, any ideas why the object isn't rendering properly?


After you've created and added the box try calling updateRenderState() on the rootNode.

That has no effect, it's still rendering the back faces  :?

I'm not sure if I'm rendering the BasicGameState correctly. I'm just calling super.render(tpf); inside the render method, is this correct?

Haha it does work, I was being stupid!! Time to go home and sleep I think  :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks darkfrog

P.S. Have you looked at the CTRNN code I built yet?