StandardGame performance question

well, ive converted my old basegame implementation into standardgame.

but now everytime i run the game, my computer lags pretty bad~

and my computer is a top-end one. i have a core 2 quad and radeon x1900xtx 512mb, 2gb ram~

and its not my game, coz i also tested on the very simeple TestStandardGame, the one with a white box. it still lags my computer badly~

why is this happening? does this mean standardgame's perfromance is not as good as basgame? :?

Explain how it's lagging?  The performance should actually be significantly better since it defaults to use vertical sync.

If there's a bug causing the lag we need to find it…there's no reason it shouldn't be at least as fast as BaseGame.

I experienced threading problems on dual/quad core machines with jdk1.5.something (can't remember exactly, sorry). Problems vanished after some jdk update - maybe you should give it a try first.

im using jdk1.6, i dont think thats the problem.

and darkfrog, its not the game thats lagging~ its everything else besides the game.

when i was using basegame, i can debug it smoothly. i could run some other applications smoothly while the game is running.

but after i switch to standardgame, everytime i try to debug it, eclipse lags as hell~ and i cant run any other applications while the game is running

whats the problem? :?

I'll see if I can't do some looking into this.  I actually noticed the last time I was debugging an application a similar problem.  Perhaps something got changed in StandardGame that is causing either lots of garbage or more work to be done than should be.

thx~i believe u can fix this  :smiley: