StandardGame test - Window not responding


I made my first tries today with jMonkey Engine.

Everything was going well at the beginning; the tutorials went smoothly up to the point where it started talking about StandardGame.

Whenever I try to use a StandardGame (even the simplest example from the tutorial which consists of a Box in a default DebugGameState) the window pops up, remains black (no 3D box shown) except for the bar and the close icon and, after a few seconds delay, the window becomes "not responding" as soon as I make a button click.

I tried to synchronize the lwjgl DLLs I was using, but I've no idea of what could be the cause.

Anyone has an idea?

Thank you in advance.

Post some code.

The most simple sample I've is the one from the tutorial and that I simply copied in a "main" method.

Here it is;

        StandardGame game = new StandardGame("TestGame");   // Create our game
        game.start();   // Start the game thread
        DebugGameState gameState = new DebugGameState();   // Create our game state
        GameStateManager.getInstance().attachChild(gameState);   // Attach it to the GameStateManager
        gameState.setActive(true);   // Activate it
        final Box box = new Box("TestBox", new Vector3f(), 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f);   // Create a Box (we have to make it final so we can use it in an anonymous implementation of Callable)
        box.setRandomColors();   // Set random colors on it
        GameTaskQueueManager.getManager().update(new Callable<Object>() {
         public Object call() throws Exception {
            return null;
        box.updateRenderState();   // Update the render state so the colors appear (the game is already running, so this must always be done)
        gameState.getRootNode().attachChild(box);   // Attach the box to rootNode in DebugGameState

Hmm, I hate when this happens…

I resynchronized the DLLs, and it seems that now, the example is working :expressionless:

A good lesson for me…

(Now to see, should I retry again before posting next time, or just avoid retrying after I posted a message)

Anyway, sorry to have disturbed you and thank you for your presence.

Hopefully, this could help other dumb people who simply don't have the right DLLs with the right JARs.

Don't worry. From what I have seen, people LOOOVE to reply to questions on this forum

Wait, what?  A question?!  Dang…false alarm.