Standing Ground

Hi one and all.

Today I want to share with you my latest game.

This is a turn based game similar to PocketTanks or Worms.

The aim of the game is to try and destroy the other tank by shooting him and giving him as much damage as possible.

Next is a list of things currently available:

1. Single player FreePlay against the computer. Not very difficult.

2. The player can choose a weapon. Weapons are randomly generated per game and there are only a handful.

3. Player can adjust angle, power and move if needed.

4. Player can then shoot in his turn.

5. Each level are randomly generated.

6. And every game has random weather conditions.

Still to do:

1. More weapons.

2. Better AI for single player.

3. Multiplayer capabilities.

4. An accurate weather system.

Anyways, here are some screenshots. I will upload the game later today or in the week.

Please check out these screenies…


old good game in awesome version :smiley:

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!! Scorched earth is being reborn! :slight_smile:

Yes that is the basic idea.

Everything in the game is 3D except that the camera is viewed from only one angle. This creates the 2D aspect.

looks excellent @ndebruyn, guess someone’s been busy :wink:

Haha, cool, I always liked those games.

Nice. Is the world (planned to be) destructible?


Yes the world is already destructable.

Different weapons make different damage to the terrain.

I am planning on adding trees or vegetation as well. Maybe the could catch some fire.

very good man!! jME is turning out a lot of good games recently!!

Perhaps the power of the shot, could be done by holding down the shoot button, longer you hold it, the longer it shoots

And the angle could also be calculated using mouse movement, then you wouldn’t need the NiftyGUI scroll bars. Unless you already do that and the scroll bars change dynamically? not sure

Looks awesome!

OMG. I played so much Scorched Earth… It was with it that I’ve got to know one of my ex… Brings back some memories there. (Not all good).

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Funny, this game can evolve into something great.

Btw, I do not have those mouse controls yet.

this is prime for a multiplayer android version, turn based, addictive, competitive.

@thetoucher said:
this is prime for a multiplayer android version, turn based, addictive, competitive.

You could actually make a fortune with that. Honest. The nostalgia... every ingredient is present for a success story. Play you cards right @ndebruyn and that could pay off big time.
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Does jME android support Terrains yet?

@ndebruyn said:
Does jME android support Terrains yet?

I think in theory they should work now that the AWT references are removed from the terrain system but it might be that the shaders are a bit too heavy for the android platform still, I think @Sploreg didn't make any adaptions to the platform yet.

I hope to see terrains work on android.

This will be brilliant and I can do some serious android games.

@ndebruyn said:
Does jME android support Terrains yet?

Not so well last time I checked, but not so bad 'll get a hard time with water though, WaterFilter is definitely a no go for android really.
Your best bet is to have a quad with the simplewater material and a static reflection map.

Yes that is what I was thinking as well.

So by the sound of it the normal terraingrid works?

the system works, if i remember correctly, but there was a couple of issues with the terrain material

@ndebruyn said:
I hope to see terrains work on android.
This will be brilliant and I can do some serious android games.

this is my plan as well (the android part), I don't know exactly what your plans are. I finish studying in 2 weeks, and are going to become a full time jME android developer, perhaps we can work on something together if you have a lot of spare time. I plan to crack out a game every few weeks at the start (to pay for rent), then hopefully if that works out good, work on a big long term project. I hope that jME for android is more advanced than when i tried it at christmas tho :). What do you think in your personal opinion @nehon? if i stick to unshaded/low poly simple games, i should have no problems or? :)