Stardust is a small project we made for School - software engineering course.

It was the first time for us working with a 3D Engine so we had quite a bit to learn.

By next week the time already is over and we have to finish it…  well it won’t be finished but it will be playable i think … atleast a few minutes untill the OutOfMemory Exception hehe ;).

We’ll set up a webstart link and a link to the source when its done.

Its nothing special really, just a small ‘shoot all asteroids before they hit the Earth’ type of game :slight_smile:


stardust is now checked in at jme-demos@google code for easier access.

Link to Webstart  (seem to only work with Java 6 right now sorry)

svn checkout:

A few Screenshots.

Looks great.  That starship design seems really solid, you should talk to someone about using that for a movie or something  :smiley:

yeah, we already had planned 6 movies, two trilogies actually but someone was faster and stole our idea!

I think its name was George … something …

Earth Impacts: 37


Looking good!  :)
Core-Dump said:

yeah, we already had planned 6 movies, two trilogies actually but someone was faster and stole our idea!
I think its name was George ... something ...

Sue the pants off of that guy!  }:-@  All kidding aside, looks great, can't wait to check out the source.  Are you saying the demo and source should be up by the end of next week (or shortly after)?

yep in 1-2 weeks, lets say two :slight_smile:

Looks very nice!

It's a shame you had a time limit from school because you'd probably could've polished up alot more if you had for instance, twice the time.

Looks cool, nontheless! :slight_smile:

Very clean, good job. Look forward to the webstart.

kk, finally finished with the school stuff.  phew …  no more documentation ever!   hehe

Version 0.2 can now be started with webstart.

I only tested it in windows, but it should work on linux and mac as well.

please post if it dosen’t work for you.

Keys are:

abort Intro: Escape or Space

w,s:  thrust

a,d:  roll

q,e:  turn left/right

page up/down and mouse wheel:  zoom Chasecam in/out 

Home / End:      move Chasecam along y axis

left mouse: fire

Space: change weapon  (not much use yet)

(firing missiles while flying over 300 km/h is not much use hehe)

Known bugs:  tons

possible improvements: unlimited

The sourcecode can be browsed/downloaded from google-code:

Keep in mind, Stardust is only a project to learn jME, it’s not meant to, and never will be be a complete game :wink:

(well maybe it will in about 5 years from now …mhh lets say 10)

I got a black screen that just…well, stayed black.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Darn  :x, I only wish Sun would release JavaWS for 64 bit machines soon. I will have to wait several days until I can go to a 32 bit computer to see this.  :’(

darkfrog said:

I got a black screen that just...well, stayed black.  :P

what OS?

it works for me on my Notebook:XP/Ati and PC: XP/Nvidia 


At one point the bullets came not from the wings, but after a short time they were in place again.

well if you travel fast, then the bullets spawn behind the fighter, its a bug, not a feature! :slight_smile:

and when you crash into a planet or asteroid, then the bullets also spawn at a wrong location, for a short while.

i guess i could sell that as a feature i think :slight_smile:

it seems the lwjgl.jar can't be downloaded in linux right now, kinda strange cause it woks in windows.

i've deleted the jme signature in the lwjgl,jar and rezipped it, maybe something is corrupt in it now :confused:

I tried it from work on my Windows XP machine and from home on my other Windows XP machine.  It worked from home but not from work…could be a lack of current drivers. :o

Cool game!

The controls aren't really intuitive but the ambiance and setting is very nice (love the music)! Also great use of effects (Sunflare, Particles), your teachers were hopefully impressed? :slight_smile:

About the crosshair, you used a billboard node and placed it X amount of coords in front of your model?

Great job!

i noticed that too, but only in the webstart edition, i never had such delays locally.  :confused:

It works ok for me, problem is that I get huge delays (10+ seconds) randomly in the game and it makes the whole thing unplayable. :expressionless:

The window gets the "(Not Responding)" if I click on it- It's probably something you're doing in the update loop that is causing the delays.

Windows XP SP2

NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200

Thats a nice earth, can i ask how you texture wrapped it and what sphere geometry you used

hmm its nothing special, just a simple sphere.

jme does all the work  :slight_smile:

Sphere planet = new Sphere("planet", zSamples, radialSamples, radius);
TextureState ts = display.getRenderer().createTextureState();
Texture.MM_LINEAR, Texture.FM_LINEAR));

planet.setModelBound(new BoundingSphere());

about the delays, maybe its better now, i had the InGamestate attached twice hehe :)