Starter's Guide and wiki

Are there any volunteers to take the Starter's Guide and put it into the wiki? It's severly out of date and it being a PDF doesn't lend itself to being updated easily as the API changes. If it is put into the wiki, we can update it. I can do it, but there will be a significant delay as I get the User's Refence and my tutorial series done.

In other words, please please please someone volunteer to do this.  (And follow through…)  Now's your chance to give back to the jME community.  :smiley:

Well I might be able to put it in WiKi, but really make it up-to-date and keep it … I guess I'm too new to this.

So if you need a start I could do that.

That's what we need to start with, getting the text and images all nice and in the wiki.  The editting can then happen (something hard to say about the current format)

Ok, I'll put it at

Thanks, you rock! :slight_smile:

Well, I'm stuck with my game anyway with the model loading problem (hint, hint) :wink:


That hint will probably not help you out.

Think about it.  If they help you with your problem then you'll be back to work on your game.  As it is, you're stuck on your game so you're working on the wiki. :-p


LOL, no it's more the problem that the model converters were mostly written by other people who we don't see much of lately.  So no one here has any real ownership of that section.  We should add model import fixes to our list of work focuses.

That would be great.  If we had some standard models that were officially supported that would be great as well as a listing of what the current model loaders support and do not support (as well as any known bugs).

Like supporting Blender and 3D Studio Max would probably be the most used I should think.  MD3 and MD5 I think would be almost necessary as well as it seems to be requested quite frequently.


That would be great.

is ready (to be updated).

Thank you very much Galun.