Starting 3D Java Programming With JMonkeyengine and I'm Pumped!

I have been a gamer forever and I want to transition from game player to game maker. I’m excited to start learning with this tool. I think it will be a fun self-taught experience.

welcome aboard :slight_smile:

feel free to ask any questions, but before, please see:

also you have nice JMETests project you can open in IDE.

it contains JMETests that show some functionalities and you have code to copy-paste from there.


I remember when I started using JME in 2015, I was in the same situation as you, and wanted to create games like the ones I had been playing.

For some getting started advice:
The wiki is your best friend, and imo looking at the source code of working games will help you learn quickly. Check this out: Any open-source games made with JME?