Starting a jMonkey project

Brief description:

A 3D shooter where each player controls an aircraft. The idea is to have teams consisting of up to around 10 players. The goal is simply just shoot down the other team. The levels will be futuristic cities. If a player is shoot down hes out of the match so no respawns.

Target aim:

First step is to build a prototype of the game.


Java for the game client using jMonkeyEngine

Erlang for server side.

Tools: Blender, GIMP, jMonkeyPlatform.

Talent needed:

3d art, music 2d art, java programming


fizzletip ‘a’

Additional Info:

My idea for the development is to make many small milestones where where we dicide a few tasks that should be completed before moving to the next step.

For a prototype all you need is programming. I suggest you take this one step at a time, as you certainly won’t acquire a full blown team over night.

Who’s in the team, just you so far? Are you a programmer?

I know that i don’t need a full team at start and the plan is to take it one step at a time. But as i a terrible 3d modeler its hard to make models to test on.

So far its just me and yes i am a programmer.

I might be interested in a project like this, but I also want to work on a city type scene for jME hopefully starting around the first of the year. So depending on how that works out, I might be able to get involved with another project after.

Are you a programmer or what do you prefer to do?

3D modeler, and photoshop mainly, but I also like learning jME / P