Starting a very interactive morpg fighting game, need crew :)

I think as you want to see works of the people to see if they

have enough skill, maybe you can show some former works, small

examples or games, so the people also see that you are able to realize

something like you described.

I did ask for that under the how to apply topic.

But for my own works, Good idea :smiley:

That's my youtube webbpage with some of my works, not all but some :smiley:

Ah nice,…is there a download somewhere for 'gangsta town 2d'?

No, I didnt finish that project.

I might do it after this, because now Im learning about server and cilents! :stuck_out_tongue:

I'v managed to create a server and communicate with it! Yays  :smiley:

No, I didnt finish that project.

Too bad :( Well, then goodluck! About the client/server-stuff you might
ask empire-phoenix. Afaik he is working on a framework as well, maybe
he can help...


am ready to work with you .

but am new with java…

am want to learn new skills…

if you like , adjust me in your project