Starting new game: Camera view help needed


I did all the beginnertutorials and think Jmonkey is really the nice for me to make a game. I would like to start

doing the game that I targeted at once.

My main question is about the camera view of users, because I want to make a war game (in webbrowser) … Therefore I readed mouse movements moving the screen (except of clicking). Lucky me, I dont need this but I need another way of Camera view that I didn’t saw somewhere here

like I want.

Im aiming on this type of view (and game)

So with the mouse only click to do actions (no movements) of the camera.

the WSAD to walk and Z X (or mouse scroll) to zoom in and out until a height LIMit. I think imperi also has this.

If I could help in this how to approach, it would be nice. (Btw I’ve read the ‘how to start a game’ and are going for indeed first the mainthings, like networking, cameraview, lobby).

My second question small question: I think this: game has a very nice graphic and little lag, This is also possible in jMe right? (sounds maybe strange).

Thanks in Advance!

Yes, thats possible. You can try using the ChaseCamera control to make the camera what you want or maybe you implement your own camera control by extending one of the existing ones or from scratch. When you look at the source of the current camera controls you will see its no magic, just setting the cam location and rotation etc. This introduction should give you the jme math powers to accomplish this. :slight_smile:

It is kind of amusing how you ask for the exact same thing as this guy, even linking the same video, are you twins? :wink:

Anyhow, follow the link, there has been a little discussion about that camera type, I think that should be enough to give you a start.

And yes, little lag is possible, but that’s your side of the scope :wink:

Thanks guys,

Hehe we are no twins :stuck_out_tongue: actually, I saw his thread about this and the video and I liked that too. But that is not exactly what I wanted

that was just to question about the quality and texturequality.

@normen For as far as I know, the ChaseCamera chases a chacter or something? But I want movements independent to the characters and thing movie around.

And the chasecam also give a problem with the max and minimum height I think. Because I didn’t see this option/part of the code.

On top of my question I have one other simple question (that doesn’t need a new topic)

That is: It’s compact and smart doing all the keyboard controlls and stuff in one that gets called from the main? Or will this lose performance.

Edit: I found this suggestion in that other topic “Create a node, use this node as the target for your camera to look at, place your camera at the right angle and distance from this point”. If there is an easier way or better one I would like to hear :slight_smile:

You can make the ChaseCam follow an invisible Node and by moving that simulate camera movement around an arbitrary point (say the ground on your map). By fixing the rotation and moving the node in x and z firection you get an isometric scrolling view.