Starting the sdk linux

Hello everybody.
I installed the necessary components (at least i think) by executing as root
i didn’t have any errors or warnings.
i agreed to have an icon in the start menu but unticked the create shortcut on desktop box.
then i found the icon in start menu, clicked on it but it won’t start.

any ideas?

I don’t use the start menu icon, for launching the sdk from command line is pretty simple :

go to the sdk installation directory something like ~/jmonkeyplatform and then launch ./bin/jmonkeyplatform & . You doesn’t need to be root.

thanks for the quick reply!!
i didn’t try your suggestion yet but i found a solution in the following post:
[Fresh install of jME3 SDK on Linux 64 claims it "cannot find java" - #4 by red_cat_red_cat]
i installed as root and that was the problem.
after reinstalling as normal user, it now works!!