Starting with JMonkey


I'm new here, i having some troubles installing the engine in a Windows 32bits machine, what should do i do to get it works…?

I downloaded JME 2.0, and Netbeans 6.5 with JDK, and well, examples runs very well, when i execute the batch file… but when i write a basic tutorial script, Netbeans reports many class of errors…

What is the best way to install the engine…?,


I'd say using eclipse is the easiest way to get startet (if you are comfortable with eclipse).

Because the Eclipse project files are checked in, you can check out jme as a reclipse project already.

You have to add one additional jar (swt because its platform dependant) and set the native library path.

The 'Setting up jME' section should get you started.

When u have eclipse set up and running, try this:

or :slight_smile:

Very well , thank you,