Startup Crash : HelloAnim (Skeleton animations) on Android

I have been trying to run the tutorials on Android

After a while crashing I understood that I need to convert my mesh.xml to j3o for them to not crash.

Said and done.

First problem: Texture/materials seem to get lost. The mesh is loaded but is all black. With JME I can put a simple material on it to make it red for example.

Second problem.: trying to run HelloAnim for example. This runs fine in JME with animation (except the model is black after converting to j3o). But on android, it crashes on startup. No error message just “crashed unexpectedly”.

Any ideas?

My problem seems to have been an old version of android and wrong setting Android target in the JME project properties.

Updating adroid on my galaxy s2 to 4.1.2 and setting that as the target, HelloAnim runs fine.

I could also load my own .j3o model with animation and have it animate on the gs2. Great

Now I just need to figure how to load textures in a good way onto the j3o I made.