State of the zay-es project?


I was wondering what the current state of zay-es is. Is it in a final release version, or alpha/beta? Any known bugs? Is it still under active development?


Have you taken a look on ZAY-ES repo? You will find all those informations there.

It’s “stable” in that it works 100% within the testing that it has received. The fact that it hasn’t gotten an update in a while is because it hasn’t needed one. I think lots of people are using it based on the questions I get here. (good and deep)

The zay-es networking library has one bug that has been fixed already but not released. I will push a new release of that soon.

Someday I should probably start giving it real release version numbers or something… it just hasn’t come up because it’s been pretty stable since the first commit. (I was using basically the same code in Mythruna for a couple years or so before publishing it.)