Statistics issue

When press F5 key to show/hide statistics, the background don’t hiding.


How are you showing/hiding them?

By pressing F5 key.

What application are you running and how are you running it? What version of the engine are you using? (RC2? Stable? Nightly?). What happens when you press F5 and what were you expecting to happen instead?

When you run a jME app, you can show/hide the statistics with the F5 key by default. But the new background is still visible when hiding the text.

Edit: Looks like it needs to be added here in the StatsAppState:


public void toggleStats() {

setDisplayFps( !showFps );

setDisplayStatView( !showStats );


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Damn, there must be a code path I missed that doesn’t update them. HeroDex attaches and detaches the state and that works fine.

I’ll fix that tomorrow (on laptop atm).

Fix is in SVN and seemed to work in my local test. Should appear in next nightly.

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