Steam Box, Ubuntu, Java, and jMonkeyEngine

Yo fellow Geeksters!

So I was taking a break from my crash course Java learnin’…

I got to see the crazy lookin’ Steam Box Controller! Also some info. on SteamOS starting out on Ubuntu, and then eventually becoming it’s own thing like Android. Of course, I also saw that NVidia will start to raise up support to the Linux community by opening up it’s architecture more for OpenGL. This might be due to Steam expanding to it’s own OS, on top of it’s normal Win/Linux/Mac platforms.

Oh Yeah! My project is targeting Steam for my release anyways. jMonkeyEngine allows me to hit multiple platforms already. This is awesome news for me.

For the link to the nerdpron Video:


Game On…


Silly me… try about 30 minutes into it.

Game on…

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