Steam Greenlight will be closed and replaced by Steam Direct that will replace community approvation with a fee

Damn… It is recoupable though - meaning they take it from your sales, and not set in concrete, but “as low as $100 to as high as $5000”. They also hinted on verification of actually being an indie dev - meaning they are probably looking at reducing abuse. Like say I made a game that made me $150k or more - and then spat out a second iteration of teh same game. I’m still an indie dev - but now i’m kinda diluting the whole environment with game’s that aren’t that amazing.

I can see their reasoning, I’d like to see how this pans out. There is also the possibility of kickstarter too.

My understanding is that you will have to pay it before being allowed to publish. Probably recoupable means they won’t take their revenue split until you get those moneys back from sales.

Tbh, I prefer greenlight over this as a solo dev. Where the heck am I supposed to get $5000 for EVERY. SINGLE. GAME.? I don’t know why everyone on the internet is like “waah, greenlight sucks”. To me it is pretty good and from what I’ve seen it’s not too hard to get greenlit if you have a game that isn’t just another flappy bird clone or something like that.

Just take, humblebundle or gog.
The first one doesnt even charge a fee

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Yeah, but majority of of people use steam, so that’s not exactly a way to go.

I imagine it will work like a deposit. If a game is good then it can probably make enough on another sales outlet or through crowdfunding to generate the fee. Essentially Valve is outsourcing greenlight and in a more democratic way.

Something had to be done, though. Steam is starting to get a reputation for having mostly crap on it.

Just because steam has the majority doesn’t mean other outlets don’t count. A large chunk of a multi-billion dollar industry leaves a lot of pie slices for everyone else, too. The other store’s quality-to-crap ratio may be much better than Steam’s, too… but anyway the same niche audiences people used to get through Greenlight they can use to fund the fee, I guess.

I bet there will also be feeless routes for ‘media darlings’ and other hot properties.

Yeah, online a lot of game devs are suggesting to sell on, build up a fan base, and use the proceeds to pay the steam fee to get to the “next level”.

It makes sense to me. If that approach doesn’t generate enough money for a fee for you then you were likely going to drown on steam anyway.

This ^

Right now steam if full of half finished or poor quality games. I’m not talking about small developers either. Big companies are releasing everything under Alpha Testing while making money off user testing then if the game doesn’t fare well they don’t release it. Essentially they’re throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks.

I have a greenlight account but I haven’t released anything because I want to wait until I put together something that is quality. I’m hoping they grandfather me in.

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The problem is that a lot of the crap is from fairly well funded sources. I see this making crap WORSE. Not better. All those really really bad games on phones are from fairly big (and trollish) companies. This won’t fix that. These are the same companies that buy their own games to promote them etc. They have coin.

So it makes it harder for us, while not really improving the situation.

Greenlight as an idea is great. But then at PAX i had someone offer 1NZD per vote :confused: It is hard to get this to work on the internet.

Gate keepers don’t work, since they will have strong biases that won’t reflect “the long tail”, smaller games that appeal to niche groups.

Apple store is a good example of that. I know of 2 companies that had to close their doors because they banked 100% on apple store. Only to be told no without any explanation. Yet look at some of the shit on apple store. It hasn’t fixed it.

I don’t know the solution. But i do know for the kind of games i want to make, there are plenty of buyers in the price range. But Connecting to them remains a big BIG problem.

Well i am getting a second job. Seriously. they are short of good drivers here in auckland. Crap pay. But your only on the job when at work. Also i am getting really hungry these days. So there is that. Oh and i am about to have to choose between power and internet. You see the problem there right? can you run a laptop of a car battery?

Ahh to be poor like my old student days. Brings back memories.

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