Step by step execution (debug) on android device


is there a way of executing step by step (debug mode) a jme3 application on a real android device?

If this is not possible, is there any device emulator so that step by step execution may be done as if it was in the real android device?

Thanks for your help

theres no OpenGL ES 2.0 emulator for the desktop, thats all i know sorry

Thanks wezrule, and is it posible to debug the app in the real device executing step by step from the IDE?

I don’t think there is. I typically design the app to run both on the PC and the phone so that I can first debug with the PC version from the IDE and then run it on the phone afterwards. This process catches most things while still in the IDE before getting to running it on the phone. Being able to run the app on the PC (if only for debugging purposes) is a huge benefit and speeds up the development time significantly since the compile and run process is so much faster on the PC than on the phone. Switching between the PC version and the phone is just as simple as changing the run configuration at the top of the IDE. For me, this is one of the biggest benefits of using the IDE for development instead of Eclipse.

You can execute the app as a desktop app and execute it via the debugger, ideally your app only consists of code that is platform independent. For the few android parts you will have to resort to oldschool debugging by logging…

I usually proceed as you describe but I have now a development bug that only arises in the device and it would be really helpful to control the execution on the device while inspecting the state of the internal variables on the IDE. Thanks for your answer

Yeah that can be a pain sometimes, you can’t debug step by step directly on the device (i tested it).

Apparently this is only available with the emulator, but the emulator does not support openglES2.0…so basically you’re stuck with logging…

Thanks all. I’ll use logging as you suggest.