Stereoscopic 3D


Has someone managed to do some stereoscopic 3D yet with jME3 ? And if yes, how did you proceed ?

I’d like to do some and my guess is that it could be possible by switching between two scene cameras on a constant FPS rate. Do you think its possible ?

Thx !

Yep I think someone already post something like this on the forum.

yes the idea is to have 2 cams and to render the scene once for each in a frame buffer.

Then the resulting images has to be mixed together in a shader rendered on a fullscreen quad, applying the correct color filter on them.

look at this post.

However the OP ended up porting a steroscopic class Momoko_Fan once made for JME2 to JME3.


Thx for the answer imma look at it right now.

Edit : Done ! Actually I was not thinking about anaglyphs but I guess its still a good base to start with.

What I aim is to do some auto stereoscopic 3D (using parallax barrier). So I don’t really know if you guys are familiar with it but it needs to mix up both images (horizontally speaking) like explained in this article (sorry its in french but pictures are clears enough I think) :

It means that yes I need 2 cameras but what I want to render in the end is a view resulting in a process of the 2 views of the cameras (I don’t know if I’m clear enough O_o). Is there a way to get on one hand the picture of the first camera (for example in a matrix shape), on the other hand get the second camera view and then put it all into a process loop that return a new picture mixing up both previous pictures and finally to render that last picture ?